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Power up your product with business email sending capabilities to help your users scale personal communications with just a few lines of code.

Email Warm-Up API

Help your users boost email deliverability and build up domain authority automatically with Reply’s Email Warm-Up API.

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100% automated email warm-up process

Reply’s Email Warm-Up API automatically imitates human behavior by sending emails, opening them, and replying on behalf of the recipient.

If your email lands in SPAM folder, the system will move it to Inbox and mark as ‘Important’.

100% automated email warm-up process

Trusted network of real people accounts

The algorithm is sending emails between real accounts — other people using the warm-up tool. Thus, the process won’t raise any flags with email providers.

The number of emails sent daily is automatically increased over time until the email domain is ready.

Trusted network of real people accounts
  • Full RESTful API

    Full RESTful API

    A unified API that integrates email warm-up feature into your app.

  • Secure algorithm

    Secure algorithm

    Only peer-to-peer email sending, no free or temporary email accounts.

  • White-label solution

    White-label solution

    Reply’s API integrates into your products with little to no effort.

  • GDPR compliance

    GDPR compliance

    Reply API solutions are Privacy Shield certified and GDPR compliant.

Multiple email warm-up profiles

Reply’s Email Warm-Up API comes with a set of default warm-up scenarios:

  • Initial warm up profile to prepare a new email account for email sending
  • Protect reputation profile to help remove email domain from SPAM
  • Reputation boost to increase email account deliverability

You can also create custom warm-up profiles to better meet your users’ needs.

Multiple email warm-up profiles

Scale up with compatible APIs

Email Warm-Up API is fully compatible with other Reply API solutions:

  • Email Sending API that allows your users to send personal or business emails at scale within your app
  • AI Assistant API that helps users improve email texts (or generate new ones) and detect sales intent.
Scale up with compatible APIs

Integrate Email Warm-up to your app

Integrate Email Warm-Up into your product to help your users improve their email deliverability and domain authority

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment process look like?

If you have a single user account (Team Edition disabled), you’ll be forwarded to an external secure payment page. If you’re a member of a Team in Reply, the funds will be charged from your Team Owner’s current payment option. Tip: you can select multiple emails using checkboxes to pay for all of them at once.

How do I cancel my warm-up subscription?

Simply delete the email account from the warm-up page.

What happens if I delete the warm-up email account from my Reply user account?

The warm-up process for this email account will stop. The remaining days of the subscription will be added to your balance in form of credits (the subscription is nonrefundable). So, once you reconnect the same account to Reply and enable warm-up again the credits will be withdrawn from your balance.

For example, if you’ve connected an email account to warm up (and paid for it) on September 1st and then deleted it from Reply on September 15th, you will get $14.50 added to your balance as credits. If you decide to reconnect your account on September 20th, the credits will be charged and the warm-up for the email account will continue till September 30th., All rights reserved © 2018. sales@reply.ioContact sales +1 888 340 72 31 (toll free)