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Inbox categorization

Benefit from Reply’s AI-backed algorithm that automatically categorizes your replies.
Emails are sorted into six default categories: Interested, Not Interested, Not Now, Do Not Contact, Forwarded

Use the ‘interested’ category to focus on conversations with your hottest leads or build your custom workflow. Our AI-backed algorithm is proven to deliver +90% accuracy for correct categorization.

Example input json

	"ReplyTextBody": "Hi Kathy\r\nYou can call me tomorrow Friday or over the weekend..\r\n\r\nKind regards,\r\nJulie\r\nJULIE ...",
	"ReplySubject": "meeting request: julie + kathy",
	"SentEmailBody": "Hi Julie, 

Wanted to reach out to you as I know there is a lot of change happening in the market and specifically at Pacific Union.

I\u2019ve been through these transitions before and know they can lead to tremendous opportunities for agents affiliated with a stable, nationally recognized brand who has proven plans in place to grow their business.

We are currently looking to add a few select agents to our Los Angeles office and thought you may be a good fit.

Do you have time for a quick call later this week to discuss?", "SentEmailsDate": "2018-08-12 11:29:33", "ReplyDate": "2018-09-27 22:58:49" }


	"InboxCategory": "interested"

Explore how Reply leverages its API

Reply AI labs: green bulb Intelligent Email Sorting

Reply’s AI-backed algorithm automatically identifies the context of the response and sends it to the relevant folder of the Inbox.

Emails are sorted into six default folders with over 90% accuracy, so sales reps can focus on further communication with prospects who are interested, vastly improving their results.

Reply AI labs: purple bulb Email Quality Check

Reply incorporates an AI-backed assistant to help you create actionable emails, which are more likely to be opened and replied to.

We’ve configured the AI ‘brain’ with 10M emails for accurate improvement suggestions. It checks an email text in real time using 5 key parameters which will affect open and reply rates.

Over 2 000 companies use Reply!

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