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Power up your product with business email sending capabilities to help your users scale personal communications with just a few lines of code.

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AI Assistant API

Supercharge user emails with AI-backed algorithms to maximize open and reply rates

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Generate email copy with GPT-3

Reply’s AI Assistant is powered by GPT-3 – the most advanced language prediction model. It relies on deep learning to generate human-like texts, be it an initial email or a follow-up, in seconds.

Use AI-backed algorithm to improve email text

Reply’s Email Quality Checker analyses email copy in real-time using 6 key parameters which affect open and reply rates:

  1. Subject length
  2. Word count
  3. Question count
  4. Reading level
  5. Positivity
  6. Spam word count

Full RESTful API

A unified API helps you integrate AI capabilities into your app.

AI-backed algorithm

AI Assistant is trained on 100M emails for maximum reliability.

White-label solution

Reply’s API integrates into your products with little to no effort.

Secure integration

Reply API solutions are Privacy Shield certified and GDPR compliant

Categorize emails by intent

Reply’s AI-backed algorithm automatically categorizes your replies into six default categories: Interested, Not Interested, Not Now, Do Not Contact, Forwarded.

With ‘Interested’ category, users can focus on conversations with sales-ready leads or build custom workflows as needed.

Scale up with compatible APIs

AI Assistant API is fully compatible with other Reply APIs:

  • Email Sending API that enables your users to send personal or business emails at scale
  • Email Warm-Up API that helps users build domain reputation and prepare email accounts for outreach

Email texts generation

Create custom, human-like emails and follow-ups in seconds with built-in GPT-3 model.

Email quality check

Improve email subject line and body text to maximize engagement and response rate.

Inbox categorization

Boost your productivity by having an algorithm automatically sort through incoming emails.

Automatic opt-out via text

Detect opt-out replies to automatically stop further communication with the contact.

Meeting intent detection

Spot meeting intent in replies and streamline appointment bookings in your app.

Out-of-office handling

Identify unavailable contacts and their date of return to automate communication workflow.

SPAM words detection

Increase your deliverability and avoid SPAM filters by removing trigger words from your emails.

Lead prioritization

Focus on engaged prospects with clear sales intent sorted to the ‘Interested’ folder.

Scalable API ecosystem

Get the most of email outreach with compatible Reply APIs – Email sending API, AI Assistant API

Enrich your stack with AI Assistant now

Help your users generate human-like emails in seconds and maximize open and reply rates.

Includes 24/7 help from a friendly and knowledgeable CS team.

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